As both a visual artist and writer, I like to tell stories.  In my mixed media paintings, I combine materials and images gathered overseas with everyday treasures from home crying for repurposing, to make new, bold, whimsical abstractions.  Deeply connected to my garden in Maine, my flower paintings come from the ground up. I plant seeds, watch them grow, harvest bouquets, and later try to express their essence. I call it “seed to canvas.”  

By the River - Resized 1000 x 750

In my writing, I take old, sometimes hard, memories and give them new breathing space. I’ve written a memoir, Memoirs of a Mask Maker.  Painting helps me write better; I am clearer about the colors, shapes and lines needed to write a compelling story.  So, I swing back and forth between writing and painting, painting and writing, aware that both nourish my creativity.

Studio 319 in Boston’s South End is my happy creating place; it’s where I go to play with paints:  squeeze, stir, smoosh, scrape. Come visit to see my artwork, talk about creativity and ways we can work together to bring more art and joy into your life.  Whether you take home a painting or not, I know you’ll leave Studio 319 just a bit lighter. For up to date information on SoWA First Friday and special weekend art events, click here.  Or email me at info@kathryngravenartist.com  To see images of my artwork click here.